Southwest Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists

Upcoming Event

Mites at the Beach

May 18-19, 2016

Mites at the Beach workshop

A Workshop on the Taxonomy of Western Aquatic Mites

Hosted by

CSULB Stream Ecology and Assessment Laboratory
California State University, Long Beach


The Southwestern Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists (SAFIT) is sponsoring a two-day workshop providing comprehensive instruction on the taxonomy, identification, and natural history of western aquatic mites.

Workshop Details

SAFIT Mission

The mission of the Southwest Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists (SAFIT) is to promote understanding of the taxonomy and systematics of inland freshwater invertebrates in support of biotic condition of inland aquatic ecosystems of the southwestern United States. Fundamental to this mission is the standardization of identification and reporting of freshwater invertebrate taxa.  SAFIT fosters scientific research, education, and professional development in the environmental sciences, as they pertain to inland freshwater invertebrate taxonomy. To accomplish this mission SAFIT will:

  1. Establish standard taxonomic procedures.
  2. Provide/maintain standard taxonomic effort document.
  3. Facilitate information exchange.
  4. Improve taxonomic QA/QC methods.
  5. Promote scientific and educational programs.

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